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Landing a beauty at sunset.
Landing a beauty at sunset.

.RayMac's first carp.RayMac's first carp.

Kristi, Keith and Adam with a triple!.
Kristi, Keith and Adam with a triple.

A proper release.
A proper release.










August 5, 2012

We have just moved the site to a better host. We will be updating and revamping the site.

Well, everyone, we survived a couple of years of very little club activity but this site is still up and running, including the forum.

We had a fairly small turnout for the September 23, 2011 through the 25th Get Together but those that attended had a great time. It's too bad we couldn't get more members to attend but most people have lives and families with many activities so it's very difficult if not impossible to get a date that works for everyone.

For a report with several photos click HERE.

Hi everyone,

We hope to encourage anglers in Northern California to join us in the pursuit of the very powerful, exciting but underrated "Golden Sportfish" otherwise known as the common carp. We are referring to catching them with rod and reel only and catch & release.





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Final Results of the Charity Fundraiser 10/5/07 thru 10/7/07

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